Journal | 2 May 2024


One of the best moments of a project is right at the very end when you put all the finishing touches in place, that’s the time when a room truly becomes multi dimensional.  It’s a magical moment worth waiting for… and is the reward of the hard work, research and planning that goes into all our interiors.

The difference lampshades can make to a room is huge, and we’ve been working with Alvaro commissioning bespoke shades for various projects ever since he took up hand painting them during a quiet moment in lockdown.

It was in fact in between lockdowns that we first managed to meet IRL in his studio and whilst sitting chatting over a cup of coffee, relishing the normality of the moment discussing pressing topics like the importance of light and shadow, that the seed to create a collection together featuring perforated shades was born. “When I met Kate there was an instant connection and I really loved the idea of merging our creativity to see what would come from it” says Alvaro.   

We brainstormed on concepts and geometrics and Alvaro drew up some exciting options for me to choose from and then we had fun playing with our colour choices. 

We wanted to create a distinctive design that is as versatile as it is beautiful, that will work as well in a bedroom as in the sitting room adding a splash of colour and pattern to the room. Mostly we wanted to design lampshades which come alive when the lights are turned on.

Alvaro has an incredible eye for pattern. His mesmerising designs are bold, and I wanted to capture this strength and translate it into designs that would complement his work adding a softer palette and playful shapes.” The resulting collection is a striking combination of Kate’s eye for pattern and colour, and Alvaro’s fashionably bold geometric graphics. These charming lampshades are meticulously hand-perforated, diffusing glimmers of dappled light, and, as always with Alvaro, hand-painted with love, care, and artistic flair ensuring each piece is unique. They are an ode to the imagination and creativity in the way they play with the art of light.

To see the whole collection or place an order click here

I am very proud of this collaboration and really hope that you like them too.
Kate x